I want the bartenders in this workshop to really know that it does not need to hurt to do their jobs. More specifically, I want them to have incredible body awareness – really, to be as aware of their bodies as they are everything else that is happening at their bar. 



Training the occupational athlete — because it isn't supposed to hurt to do your job.

Marcia Polas founded polaspilates when she could no longer ignore her passion for teaching. Her energy and enthusiasm for Pilates and its impact on each and every body is contagious and motivating.

polaspilates specializes in training the occupational athlete. Sole proprietor Marcia Polas has made a practice of studying clients in their environments to determine patterns. She then creates programs to allow clients to move effortlessly, no matter their daily tasks. She brings workshops in realignment, self-myofascial release, correct engagement, and physical integration within alignment to actors, dancers, vocalists, bartenders, and chefs throughout the country. With a home base of NYC, Marcia’s goal is to share this work with anyone who is  open to change.

Marcia calls herself an Occupational Pilates teacher. What does that made-up title mean? It means she work with clients based on how they use their bodies (“instruments”) to do their job. Her areas of specialization include the hospitality industry pros (bartenders/baristas/chefs/FOH), performing artists (actors/dancers/musicians), movement professionals (Pilates and yoga teachers) — she’ll take on anyone with a physically rigorous job, including now the job of living in New York City!


Hospitality Industry Professionals

Working with clients in the hospitality industry began when Marcia was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007. As she learned how to eat again, and safely eat out, Marcia built relationships with restaurant and bar teams throughout Denver. Watching them do their jobs, she naturally began to want to help them find ways to be effortless at work. Her growing knowledge of myofascial release (MFR) techniques allowed her to get hands-on to release repetitive motion patterns gone wrong and begin to apply Pilates principles to retrain on the job movement. In 2014, she created  a workshop series “a body at work—the bartender series” as a method to begin sharing this work on a larger scale.

If you click on the link below you can see some of the workshops that she has done with fellow bartenders in Denver, Colorado.

The fact that Rutte has created this program for bartenders and is financially — and as a team emotionally — supporting a program like this is revolutionary.
— Marcia Polas